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Jim Hopkins at the lodge in late 2015

Trophy Hollow Ranch is the evolving dream of local farmer/conservationist Jim Hopkins. Jim enjoys preserving and sharing the natural habitat of Trophy Hollow in balance with managed hunting and farming.  Jim is an active conservationist, grain farmer, and also operates a separate nearby deer farm. The deer farm allows him to stock many of the 25 to 30* white tail bucks that live on the Trophy Hollow Ranch Preserve.  (*Average number of bucks in preserve at one time).  Jim is active in many deer farming organizations and this allows him to breed the trophy bucks hunters like you dream of.  Mr. Hopkins is the owner of Trophy Hollow Ranch and although he doesn't participate in the actual hunts he enjoys talking to the hunters and discussing the various wildlife and the habitats at and around the preserve.  


*Call today and let Jim or one of his guides explain how we can provide a memorable white tail hunt for you!!